In September last year I took a pottery evening class at the local college with my dad. My dad is very creative and has done a lot of pottery in the past and has produced some really nice pieces. Anyway, the class was pretty good. We learnt a lot of different techniques; pinch pots, coil pots, slab-work and some wheel work. Using the wheel was definitely my favourite. It’s so immediate. You start off with a lump of clay and within a few minutes you have something that vaguely resembles a  pot. The only problem with the class was there wasn’t enough equipment. We only had one wheel and one small kiln. I didn’t get to fire and glaze some of my pieces before the lessons finished. Luckily the tutor put on some extra classes that my dad went to and he finished off a couple of my pieces for me. The most interesting thing I found with pottery is the unknown properties of the glaze. You choose a glaze expecting it to come out one colour and when you fire it in the kiln it comes out another. The pottery lottery. Here are a pictures of the pots I made. The terracotta pot is a yarn bowl which I’ve wanted for a while, to use whilst crocheting. It’s a coil pot that I formed over a mixing bowl. The brown tall pot was another coil pot that I did free hand and it didn’t quite turn out as I had planned. It was supposed to be straight sided and was going to replace our utensil pot that got broken, but now it’s being used as a flower pot. The white pot in the main picture is my favourite and was made using a slab that I folded into shape. I would highly recommend having a go with this medium that to me is so satisfying in that you can create truly useful objects.