The Bouquets


Here I’m going to talk about the items for the wedding that took the greatest amount of time and effort. My husband and I decided early on in the engagement not to spend money on flowers. We both agreed that they were horribly expensive and you couldn’t keep them afterwards anyway. So we decided to hire lots of green plants and shrubs and that I would make the bouquets and button holes.


I had seen, on good old Pinterest, bouquets made up of brooches. I wanted to use my crochet skills to make up flowers for the bouquets because i felt that the brooch only ones were a bit tinny and I wanted some softness. I started with the bridesmaids’ bouquets. I had the image of hydrangea flowers in mind for their bouquets. I picked two pink colours and a cream, found a simple small flower crochet pattern and just kept on making flowers. I can’t tell you how many I made, probably about 70 for each of the 3 bridesmaids bouquets.


I purchased a load of green flower arranging wire and some cheap pearlescent beads. I used these to make the stems and the centres of the flowers. I also bought 3 polystyrene solid spheres to use as the base for each bouquet. For each flower I twisted the two ends of the wires together and chopped them short to make them easier to poke into the polystyrene.


So, once I had enough flowers on the sphere, I attached the handle. I had a piece of metal curtain rail left over from some DIY we did in the house that I cut into 4 and pushed it into the bottom of the polystyrene ball. I just used a glue gun to hold it in place. I then cut circles of tulle and hessian and pinned them into place at the base of the sphere. The glue gun was my friend as I used it to wrap the handle in more hessian, finishing it off with a navy ribbon.


At this point I felt there was something missing. I realised that it needed leaves. I had tried to crochet some leaves, but they looked too clumsy. So, I had a load of fabric left over from another project (saved so much making clever use of leftovers!) and I cut out hydrangea shaped leaves.

To make the leaves so that they would stand up on their own I stuck tin foil in between 2 fabric leaves with a length of the flower wire cut offs. I probably haven’t described that very well, but hopefully the picture explains it better than I did.


I was able to poke these in afterwards without too much trouble and they just finished off the bouquet nicely. Each bridesmaid had her own leaf pattern and my bouquet combined them all.


My bouquet was made in a similar way. I couldn’t find a polystHolly-and-Tracy-wedding-dayyrene sphere that was the right size and not ridiculously priced. But my dad had some building insulation foam lying around, which he carved into shape for me. The flowers I crocheted were more elaborate but I incorporated the simple ‘hydrangea’ flowers to tie all the bouquets together. I also added some old brooches (one of which was hand painted and belonged to my mum) I had lying around and some cameos and links from some old broken jewellery that belonged to my grandma. These were my something old. To add to the ribbon around my bouquet I used the lace that was trimmed from the hem of my wedding dress which just brought the whole thing together.

I really enjoyed making the bouquets and received so many compliments from the guests at our wedding, so it was worth all the effort.

Next time, the buttonholes…