The Buttonholes


So I’m still talking about my wedding. I can’t help that, it was all consuming for about a year! I really don’t have that much else to talk about.

Anyway, buttonholes, carrying on with the handmade theme and still not wanting to spend money on flowers, I forged ahead with making the button holes. These again were crocheted and were based around a lily design. They didn’t take too long; I reckon I was able to churn one out in an evening. My first attempt came out looking very clumsy.

first attemptIt was too bulky and had no elegance to it. I made some crochet leaves as well and then wrapped them all together in burlap using my glue gun.

As you can see it was quite fat and would have been very difficult to attach to a lapel.

So I went back to the drawing board. I stuck with the lily flower but added one of the ‘hydrangea’ flowers to tie it in with the bouquets. I’d already made plenty of those, with the help of Jess the cat of course.


It still needed some greenery, and I just happened to have some faux green velvet leaves that a friend gave to me (using up whatever is to hand to save money!). I used more of the green flower arranging wire to give the flowers some stems and then wrapped the stems with jute string tying it off in a bow.

I was much happier with this second design and I think I made 12 altogether in the end.

buttonholeThe most challenging part of making these flowers was finding the right pin to attach them with! It took me ages to find ones long enough.

There were lots of other things I made for the wedding and I’m going to try and incorporate them all in the next blog; the favours, the decorations, the centre pieces, bridesmaids’ jewellery etc etc…

happy couple

In the meantime here’s a picture of the happy couple on the day sporting the handmade flowers.